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As you may be aware that cPanel has increased their price from a per server basis to a per account basis. This means that cPanel now costs over 500% more and each account will incur additional costs. 100 cpanel accounts would cost $45 and any extra accounts would cost an additional $0.2. Our largest reseller account which allows up to 100 cpanel accounts costs less than that which means we are no longer able to afford to provide cPanel accounts for our shared and reseller hosting without increasing our price. We did not want to increase our price so we decided that we will choose an alternative control panel.

Many web hosts including ourselves were looking for an alternative and we personally saw Plesk and Direct Admin as the best alternatives. Knowing that Plesk is owned by the same Venture Capitalist as cPanel, there is the concern that Plesk might follow the same pricing structure as cPanel in the future. As a result, we decided to choose Direct Admin as our new control panel for all our shared and reseller hosting plans. This migration process has already been complete and we have tested everything to make sure that our servers are secure and all accounts are migrated without any issues. You can access your Direct Admin control panel using the 2222 port with the same credentials as your old account. An email has been sent to all clients about this migration.

cPanel is still available for our VPS and Dedicated Server plans. However, you will need to pay the cost of the cPanel license yourself and there is no discount for purchasing cPanel directly from us. Regardless of your control panel, all our VPS and Dedicated Servers are still fully managed by us.

We are aware that some people my not be familiar with the DirectAdmin control panel and guides online may be a little bit outdated. Most of the guides online are from the old DirectAdmin user interface since DirectAdmin recently had a redesign for their control panel. However, DirectAdmin is a relatively simple control panel and it quite easy to learn. We will also be releasing our blog in the next few weeks and we will be creating new Direct Admin guides for our clients. In the meantime, if you have any questions about DirectAdmin or any general queries, feel free to submit a support ticket and our support staff will be happy to help you.


Technabyte Management Team

Thursday, August 8, 2019

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